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選択できるのは25トピックまでです。 トピックは、先頭が英数字で、英数字とダッシュ('-')を使用した35文字以内のものにしてください。
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Welcome to Glitch

Click Show in the header to see your app live. Updates to your code will instantly deploy and update live.

Glitch is the friendly community where you’ll build the app of your dreams. Glitch lets you instantly create, remix, edit, and host an app, bot or site, and you can invite collaborators or helpers to simultaneously edit code with you.

Find out more about Glitch.

Your Project

On the front-end,

  • edit public/client.js, public/style.css and views/index.html
  • drag in assets, like images or music, to add them to your project

On the back-end,

  • your app starts at server.js
  • add frameworks and packages in package.json
  • safely store app secrets in .env (nobody can see this but you and people you invite)

Made by Fog Creek

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